Course Description: This course is meant to expose and consolidate student teachers’ knowledge about the psychology of learning in early adolescents.  The course focuses on the stages of human development and language development and their implications on teaching and learning in Junior High Schools.  Student teachers would be exposed to theories and transfer of learning as well as behavior modification techniques and how they apply in the classroom situation.  The course is designed to expose student teachers to basic concepts and principles of assessment in schools.  It is also structured to enable them to identify and apply the various forms and types of assessment to address diverse learners’ needs to meet the grade-level expectations and national assessment benchmarks.  Student teachers will also be guided to examine various processes involved in planning and administering assessment in inclusive learning settings and interpret results for instructional decision-making.  In the delivery of the course, differentiated interactive and assessment techniques will be employed to help student teachers examine the educational implications of the stages of development and the learning theories.  Current naturalistic or authentic assessment processes, assessment tools, and building digital and manual portfolios will be explored, and student teachers will be engaged through different interactive techniques such as demonstrations, activities, and discussions.  They will be assessed through projects and assignments among others.  These will be employed in the assessment of student teachers to enable them to acquire a repertoire of knowledge and skills to assist them to apply appropriate techniques, processes, and procedures to gather relevant data from learners with diverse strengths and needs in inclusive and multi-grade settings.  Student teachers will also be equipped with knowledge and skills to apply differentiated instruction and assessment needed for managing the transition of learners from middle childhood (Upper Primary) to early adolescence (Junior High School).  This course will also explore issues within the context of Ghanaian core values, critical thinking, honesty, commitment and passion, creativity and informed citizenry, digital literacy as well as lifelong learning (NTS: 1c, 1e, 1f, 1g, 2a, 3d/NTECF: cross-cutting issues; core skills, professional values and attitudes).

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