This course is a prerequisite course for all B.Ed. students’ of Colleges of Education in Ghana, which is  geared towards helping student teachers’ to audit the subject knowledge in Numbers and Algebra to establish and address their learning needs, perceptions and misconceptions. This can be done through verbal interactions on the students’ previous knowledge and experiences within the scope of Number and Algebra. Knowledge, skills and generalization of fundamental concepts of Number and Algebra can lead to a student teacher’s ability to apply these areas of mathematics to their teaching.


Algebra is all about generalized mathematical thinking arising from observing and applying patterns in creating relationships. Such patterning, generalization and algebraic reasoning serve as a means to develop deductive reasoning in student teachers. Strands in Number and Algebra include recognizing and developing patterns, using numbers and number operations, properties of numbers, concept of sets, number bases and modulo arithmetic, and algebraic expressions. In

addition, student teachers will explore operations on algebraic expressions, apply mathematical properties to algebraic equations and functions. For the scope of our study, we will be looking at:

  • Plane Geometry                              2 weeks
  • Geometrical Construction            2 weeks
  • Basic Trigonometry                       2 weeks
  • Vectors and Bearings                     1 week
  • Mensuration                                    1 week
  • Global Mathematics                       1 week
  • Introduction to Statistics              2 weeks
  • Probability                                       1 week.

Prerequisite: Senior Secondary School Core Mathematics.

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