This is an introductory course in psychology that exposes student teachers to the nature, stages and basic principles of human growth, development and learning. Student teachers would be introduced to basic concepts in human growth, development and maturation and threats as well as the causes of abnormality. Additionally,
student teachers will be exposed to basic knowledge about the domains of development, learning styles and motivational techniques that respects the diversity of all learners. They would also appreciate the various distinct characteristics of themselves and learners from early grade (early childhood) through primary (middle childhood) to
the junior high school (early adolescence). In the delivery of the course, differentiated interactive and assessment techniques will be employed to help student teachers examine the educational implications of the domains of development and the varying learning styles. This course will thus make student teachers aware of the need for
differentiated instruction to cater for the diversities in their classrooms (NTECF, NTS 3f, 3g).

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