Agriculture has been taught as disjointed subjects and topics for ages. Crops production is taught differently from animals, and soil management is taught differently from fish farming, without placing emphases on the interconnections among them. It is important for the teachers of agriculture to rethink agriculture as a system comprising a number of closely interrelated component enterprises, which influence and take resources from each other in an ever-continuing cycle. This is the only way to really understand and plan for agricultural enterprises, programmes and activities for success.

Course Delivery Modes       

The course will be delivered using Face-to Face, Practical Activity, Independent Study, Seminar,

Work-Based Learning, E-Learning and Practicum

Course Description

This course seeks to enable students to understand the nature of agriculture as a system that is made up of various components existing in an integrated manner. The nature of agriculture as a business enterprise will also be discussed. The linkages between agriculture and different sciences and applied science subjects (such as Engineering, Home Economics, Biology, Soil and Management, Environmental Science, etc.) will be discussed. The course will further expose students to how to sequence and integrate the teaching of the various components of agriculture at the JHS levels in order to make learning easier, faster and interesting. The approaches that would be used in the delivery of this course would prepare trainees to ensure the learning progress of all students by projecting gender roles and issues relating to equity and inclusivity


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of the concept of a system
  • show understanding and appreciation of why agriculture is a system
  • show the ability to identify the various components of agriculture and the relationships connecting them as a system
  • apply the concept of system to introduce balance and interrelationships in the planning of agricultural curriculum.

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