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Overview of Course Pack


The aim of this course pack is to provide materials that will help you study this course with little personal guidance from your tutor. This course pack is prepared to walk you through the topics of the course step by step. The pack comprises the following resources:


1.0       About the Course: This folder provides information on the content of the course. It contains an overview of the course pack and a week-by-week course outline. Weekly reading assignments are indicated against each topic in the course outline.


2.0       Materials: This folder contains the materials that develop the content of the course. It consists of two sub-folders:


2.1.      The first folder contains lecture slides which give a week-by-week content on topics in the course outline. The purpose of the slides is to guide you in your reading assignments. The slides on each topic presents the most important information you have to focus on in your reading.


2.2.      The second folder is an e-library to the course. It contains textbooks that discusses topics in the course outline in detail. Materials for the weekly reading assignments indicated in the course outline will be found here. You are required to complete these readings in order to be able to answer your examination questions. It is not enough to read only the slides to pass your exams. Use the slides as a guide for your reading assignments. Read the relevant slides before and after each assigned reading.


3.0       Learning Guide: The learning guide is a single document that sums up the objectives

and learning activities for the course. Objectives and activities are arranged weekly. You will find similar information in the lecture slides on each topic.


4.0       Tutorial Guide: The tutorial guide provides questions that will deepen your understanding of the content of the course. Three compulsory tutorial sessions will be held online. The first will be on the content of Weeks 1 -3, the second on the content of Weeks 4-7, and the third on Weeks 8-12. Your tutor may have other tutorial sessions with you.


Learning Guide


Week Topic Objectives Learning Activities
1 The English Grammatical Rank Scale u  By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

a)      define the terms rank and rank scale.

b)      explain the relationship that exists between the grammatical units on the rank scale.

c)      analyse clauses according to their constituent units.

1. Study the lecture slides for Week 1 carefully.

2. Read Chapter 2 of Thompson (2014) located in the Materials folder.

3. Study the lecture slides again

4. Now answer the following self-study questions:

u  (a) Define rank in one sentence.

(b) How many ranks do we have in the grammar of English?

Mention them.

u  (a) What is rank scale?

(b) Analyse the following clauses to show that it          consists of

lower grammatical ranks. Use the box diagram shown in slide


•      The man has registered his name.

•      Freda had won the beauty contest.

u  In two paragraphs, explain the two kinds of relationship between units on the English grammatical rank scale. Provide illustration in your explanation

 2 Rankshift u  At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:


a)       explain the concept of rankshift. NTS 3i

b)      explain the differences between a ranking clause and a rankshifted clause. NTS 3e

c)      identify ranking and rankshifted clauses in texts. NTS 3j

1. Study the lecture slides for Week 2 carefully.

2. Re-read Chapter 2 of Thompson (2014) located in the Materials folder.

3. Study the Week 2 lecture slides again

4. Now answer the following self-study questions:

u  (a) Define rankshift.

b) Give two (2) examples of your own to illustrate rankshift and            explain these examples with the help of the box diagram.

u  Write down two differences between ranking clauses and rankshifted clauses and illustrate these with your own examples.

u  Identify the underlined clauses in the following sentences as a ranking clause or downranked (embedded) clause. Explain your answers:

(i)     The man who refused to wash his hand with alcohol-based sanitizer caught covid-19.

(ii)  What the students need to know is the objective of this course.

(iii)             Although he hasn’t eaten for days as a result of the lockdown, he looks fit.

(iv) Jesus wept.

(v)   Donald Trump, who is the president of USA, is a twitter fan.


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