This Session is strictly mounted of Tutors of the college for all professional development sessions of the College.

For four years the Colleges of Education (CoE) have been supported in leading weekly Tutor Professional development (Pd) sessions. the Pd sessions have focused on key themes, such as: the national Teachers’ Standard (nTS), action research and classroom enquiry among others. The ten theme-based Pd modules have been vital in paving the way for the reform of Teacher Education in Ghana. They have equipped tutors with important skills and knowledge to support the smooth transition to the new b.Ed. • the new four-year B.ed. curriculum will be implemented in coes, now affiliated to the Public Universities in Ghana, and a new approach to the tutors’ weekly Pd is required. This new approach involves the universities supporting their affiliated coe in implementing the subject specific Pd sessions. • The weekly Pd sessions are designed to prepare subject tutors to use the b.Ed. Course Manuals to teach the 12 lessons in the Course Manuals to student teachers. This means the Pd sessions will now be subject specific. the implication is that there will be subject specific Pd groups running each week in the CoEs and universities. • The Pd sessions are designed to help operationalise the reform of teacher education at tutor and student teacher level and to support: ο Professionalising teaching by supporting teachers in developing communities of practice and raising the status of the teaching profession ο Improving the quality of new teachers by ensuring that they undergo a rigorous and practically focused, high-quality degree level programme ο Improving the learning outcomes and life chances for all children.

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