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The use of E-learning platforms

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      Raphael Sifah

      What is your view about using e-learning platforms in these times of the pandemic? State at least two problems you encountered and possible solutions.

      your answer should not be more than hundred words.

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      Moses Yaw Appiah

      E-learning platform in these times of pandemic is not a bad idea but let me say it has its disadvantages too.


      1. LACK OF MONEY TO PURCHASE MOBILE DATA. This in a sense that a lot of us work to take care of ourselves and our family too. sometimes what to eat is a problem not to talk of buying mobile data. some of us willing to take this online learning with everything in us but the financial strength is not there.
      2. THE TIME BOUND ON THE ASSIGNMENT IS NOT AN OPTION AT ALL. this is because as I have stated earlier in my submission some of us work to feed ourselves and the family. sometimes don’t visit the site on time and sometimes by time we visit the visit the site the respond will be the assignment is time bound the duration is over you cant access it. which is very bad.


      1. DATA FREE TO THE  KOMENCO’S LMS SITE. The komenco’s LMS is not data free whenever a student want to access it. because UEW LMS is data free whenever a student want to access it. so this is just my humble appeal if authorities can do something about it for us, it will really help us a lot.
      2. THE TIME BOUND ON THE ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE LIFT OFF. this will help really help the students to submit his or her assignment whenever they get time. there is a saying ITS BETTER LATE THAN  NEVER. Thank for the opportunity I really appreciate it SIR.
Viewing 1 reply thread
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