1. Acid rains are produced by

(a) excess NO and SO from burning fossil fuels

(b) excess production of NH by industry and coal gas

(c) excess release of carbon monoxide by incomplete combustion

(d) excess formation of CO by combustion and animal respiration.

2.Green house effect is warming due to

(a) infra-red rays reaching earth

(b) moisture layer in atmosphere

(c) increase in temperature due to increase in carbon dioxide concentration of atmosphere

(d) ozone layer of atmosphere.

3.Soil conservation is

(a) conversion of sterile soil into fertile one

(b) aeration of soil

(c) erosion of soil

(d) protection against loss.

4.Deforestation will decrease

(a) soil erosion

(b) soil fertility

(c) land slides

(d) rainfall.

5.Which of those below is NOT a fossil fuel?

(a) Natural Gas

(b) Kerosene

(c) Petroleum


6. extensive planting of trees to increase forest cover is called

(a) afforestation

(b) agroforestry

(c) deforestation

(d) social forestry

7.which gas is likely to be reduced in the atmosphere by deforestation?

(a) carbon dioxide

(b) nitrogen

c) oxygen

d) Sulphur dioxide

8.a renewable source of energy is

a) petroleum

b) coal

c) nuclear fuel

d) trees

9. the resources that can be replaced by natural ecological cycle is called

a) renewable

b) non-renewable

c) exhaustible

d) natural

10.A renewable exhaustible natural resource is
(a) Forest
(b) Coal
(c) Petroleum
(d) Minerals

11.Floods can be prevented by

(a) Afforestation

(b) Removing top soil

(c) Deforestation

(d) Agriculture

12. Which of the following is best method from environment point of view?

(a) Reduce

(b) Recycle

(c) Reuse

(d) All of above

13.The full form of UV rays is

(a)Ultra violet

(b)Ultra violent

(c) Ultra valve

(d) Ultimate violet

14.Why should we conserve forest and wild life?

(a) To protect biodiversity

(b) To maintain ecosystem

(c) To maintain balance

(d) To continue food chain


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