Lesson 9 and 10: Presentation Software

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce student teachers to a presentation application and to develop student teachers’ ability to work with more advanced presentation software features.

Presentation Software

  • Is software designed to be used to produce series of slides which combines text, graphics and animations used to support discussions.
  • Examples includes;

1.Microsoft PowerPoint

2.Coral Presentation

3.Lotus Freelance Graphics

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Is a presentation software used to create multimedia presentations which consist of slides formatted with text, graphics and animations on a background
  • Is a computer program which is used to create professional looking presentations

Uses/Importance of Ms PowerPoint in Education

  • It is used in presentation of lesson/lesson delivery
  • It is used for lesson preparation
  • It is used to capture attention of audience
  • It is used to present new content
  • It is used to support learning through examples and visual elaborations
  • It helps in the recall of prerequisite

Principles for designing Presentations

1.Introduction of the topic

a.Title page


c.User  Identification


a.What and how much control to provide

b.Methods of control



c.Modes of control




3.Presentation of information


b.Mode of presentation

c.Text information

i.Text layout and format

ii.Text quality

d.Graphics and Animation




Starting Ms PowerPoint

  • Click on the start button
  • Select all programs
  • Select Microsoft Office
  • Select and click on Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Window

  • Ms. PowerPoint Window is denoted by Presentation just like Document in Ms. Word.
  • In Ms. Word, Pages are seen in a Document. In Ms. PowerPoint, Slides are seen in a Presentation.

i.Quick access commands

ii.Title bar

iii.Minimize button

iv.Restore/Maximize Button

v.Close button

vi. Menu bar



  • A – Slide Pane
  • B – Title Placeholder (the title of the slide goes here)
  • C – Body Text Placeholder (the text of the slide goes here)
  • D – Slide Display Area
  • E – Notes Column

View Buttons

  • A – Normal View
  • B – Slide Sorter View
  • C – Slide Show View

Adding Slides to your Presentation

  • At Home menu:
  • Click on New Slide
  • A new slide will be added
  • Alternatively, press [Ctrl + M] keys to add new slides.
  • Also, you can click on a slide in the slide pane
  • Press the enter key to add new slide

Open a New Presentation

  • Click on the office button at the extreme right top corner of the window.
  • Click on New
  • Alternatively, press [Ctrl + N] keys.

Applying Design Template

  • Click on the Design Menu
  • Click on the required design

Applying Animation

  • Click on Animations menu
  • Click on the required animation to apply
  • To apply custom animation
  • Select the content
  • Click on Animations
  • Click on custom animation
  • Click on the required animation to apply.

Deleting a Slide

  • Click on the slide in the slide pane
  • Press the delete key on the keyboard
  • Alternatively, you can right click on the slide
  • Click on delete

Slide Sorter View


Slide Show View


Normal View


Outline View



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