EGE 232 – Course Outline

This course seeks to expose early grade student teachers to the concept of differentiated learning, learning styles, the syllabus and their relationship to the early grade curriculum. Additionally, it is designed to help them identify and explain the various principles applied in the selection of the four basic components of the syllabus and the curriculum. Student teachers will also be guided to examine differentiated instructional techniques and strategies for facilitating the learning of early grade learners with diverse needs in varying learning environments and how these environments can be managed to improve learning. The course will be delivered and accessed using Universal Design for Learning which includes varying interactive techniques and approaches with ICT to enable student teachers demonstrate and apply various skills and strategies in planning, designing and facilitating learning among early learners with diverse needs and backgrounds in diverse inclusive and multi-grade and multi-age settings. It will also equip student teachers with skills in designing individual Learning Plans (IPLs) for early grade learners with peculiar needs and abilities.

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