Lesson 2: The Promises of ICT: Potential benefits using ICT in Education and National Development

The lesson focuses on exploring the uses and impact of ICT on education and national development. Student teachers will be exposed to issues on how ICT affects work and support other goals such as inclusivity. This would enable the student teachers to reflect and interrogate their thinking, develop ways of addressing their misconceptions, removing the barriers to learning in order to develop positive orientations towards teaching learners with SEN. Lesson would be facilitated using various talk for learning approaches and video analyses.

Affordances of ICT Tools

  • Affordance refers to the perceived and actual properties of a thing, primarily those functional properties that determine just how the thing could possibly be used.
  • Application of the concept of affordances centers around

i.How might the affordances of technologies be articulated?

ii.Can these be developed into a taxonomy for ICT?

iii.How might a critical knowledge and understanding of such affordances be used to support learning and teaching?


Taxonomy of ICT Affordances

  • Accessibility
  • Speed of change
  • Diversity
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Reflection
  • Multimodal and non-linear
  • Risk, fragility and uncertainty
  • Immediacy
  • Monopolization
  • Surveillance


Application of the Taxonomy

  • To carry out further analysis, critique and development of the taxonomy framework against relevant theory and practical use.
  • To establish a clearer understanding of the affordances which should help to inform practitioners in their use of technologies to achieve goals.
  • To identify potential limitations and inappropriate uses of the technologies.
  • To act as a discussion, point for critique and further refinement
  • To offer a checklist to help practitioners understand costs and benefits of different technologies.

To use as a mechanism for staff development and improving practice – for example, by providing a checklist of potential benefits and draw backs of different technologies which can be used to inform choice and the ways that practitioners might choose to use them


Changes brought by Introduction of ICT

  • In Education

1.Continuous Learning

2.Curriculum Update

3.Digital and Informational competence of Students

4.Productivity in persons and in groups

5.Communication Action in Cyberspace

6.Methodological Innovations

7.Improves teaching and Learning

8. ICTs has help to expand access to Education

9. Deals with diversity

10. Search for information and do things


  • In National Development

1.ICT has helped improve Education

2.ICT Support Economic Development and Poverty Reduction

3.ICT enables Information and Knowledge to Travel Faster and Further

4.ICT helps business to perform better

5.ICT has improved Healthcare Delivery

6.ICT in National Development and Poverty Alleviation

7.ICT has helped to disseminate Government Policy



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