Questions for Tutorial 1

EBS 282: Forms and Functions of the English Clause

Questions for Tutorial I


Identify the grammatical rank, class and function of the underlined constructions.

e.g. 1.  He had paid his bill very casually.

(a) grammatical unit: group

(b) class: adverbial group

(c) function: Adjunct

  1. All the men wore dark suits.
  2. The bag on the floor is mine.
  3. They appointed James First Secretary.
  4. The women smoked the fish.
  5. Computer facilities are free of charge.
  6. The baby cries when hungry.
  7. The women who went on demonstration have been sacked.
  8. What he said was unethical.
  9. His sincerity can’t be denied.
  10. Benn’s strategy was shaped by his analysis of Britain’s economic problems and the political situation as he saw it.
  11. The man who refused to wash his hand with alcohol-based sanitizer caught covid-19.
  12. He had paid his bill very casually.
  13. Their subsequent affair climaxes in a showdown across the House divide.
  14. In the end, the choice became pretty clear.
  15. The fisherman has been casting his nets since morning.
  16. Our loyalty to the company can’t be denied.
  17. Visiting patients at this time is not allowed.
  18. The hunter has killed the largest
  19. The boy who scored the goals is my nephew.
  20. I don’t know how to answer your question.
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