This unit is on how to teach energy to elementary school learners


In the previous lesson, student teachers have been introduced to the concept of energy, its sources and transformations. You are expected to use the knowledge gathered in designing a lesson on how to teach energy to the basic school learner for different age and grade levels.


Purpose for the lesson

Acquire the pedagogical skills to teach energy, forms and uses of energy to Basic School Learners (NTS 1b, 2b, 3a, p. 13) (NTS 1d, p. 12, p. 14), (NTS 3e, p. 14), (NTS 3p, p. 14), NTS 1a, p. 12).


Learning Outcomes Learning Indicators
Learn how to teach Energy to the basic school learners A list of learning resources for teaching energy


Present/outline a step-by-step approach in teaching energy to the basic school learner


Provide evaluation questions on energy


Teaching and learning resources

Make a list of items that can help you teach energy to basic school learners. The items can be concrete or semi concrete and they may include;

  • Dry cells
  • Fire wood
  • Picture of the sun
  • Drawings of food items
  • Connecting wires
  • Bulb, etc.


Lesson Introduce

Describe the forms and sources of energy as studied in unit 1. Can you state any of the energy changes and transformations (reflection on Energy of lesson 1 study). For example, if you clap your hands, what are the energy transformations?

Practical activity:

Design activities (in mixed ability groups) that can help you to teach forms and sources of energy to elementary school learners. For example, design activities to explore:

  • How energy makes things work (batteries in a toy and electricity turning fan blades).
  • How energy can be obtained from many sources in many ways (sun, water, wind, fire, food, gasoline, electricity, batteries).



How can you make a basic school conceptualize that it is the dry cell that makes the bulb glow so they can understand energy changes and transformations?


Prepare charts to display step-by-step approaches in teaching energy to elementary school learners.

The assignment should be submitted to kbbfrempong3@gmail.com


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